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[quote]Singer(s): Shreya Bhattacharya
Music By: Joy Sarkar
Lyricist(s): Anita Basu Mallick
Cast: Sayoni Ghosh & Chiranjeet Chakraborty
Music Label: Eskay Movies[/quote]

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Read Between The Lines Lyrics

Can you read
Between the lines do you know
What I’m like untill you
Figure it out
And know what I’m about

Can you guess
My name can you tell
My game friend or foe
I’ll reveal the truth
But it’s all the same..

I’ve always said what I meant
Meant what I said
Never been holier than thou
I always prayed for the facts
For I’m thw queen of hearts
Don’t ever let me go

I can’t read between
The lines, but I can tear
Of the mask don’t you dare
Try to ruin me
I’m not the scared

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